Beachy Halloween Costumes

You won't be surprised to learn that when it comes to Halloween costumes, here at Tidewater we tend to choose beach-themed attire. (After all, there's nothing we love more than all things summertime!)

If you're bound and determined to bring warm-weather fun to Halloween this year, too, we've rounded up a few costume suggestions to provide inspiration!:

beach themed halloween costumes

1) Flip Flop: We HAD to start here! Isn't this flip flop costume amazing? You can grab one online here, or find instructions to make a version yourself on this site. (Definitely try to go with your spouse or a friend when it comes to this costume. After all, flip flops feel so much more complete when they're a pair!)

2) Pineapple: Be the ultimate tropical symbol this year! (And don't forget -- we have an adorable pair of Tidewater Pineapples flip flops with your name on them that would be the perfect finishing touch...) Buy a pineapple costume here, or get details on making your own here!

3) Jellyfish: You may not love them at the beach, but they sure make for a memorable Halloween costume! Bring the sting (in the best way) this year with this costume (or make your own with these DIY instructions!). 

4) Avocado: If you've been following along with us on Facebook, you might have seen that we'll be including an Avocado flip flop in our 2020 line (and we're SO EXCITED about it!). As a nod to that new addition to the Tidewater family, we've included this avocado option into our costume round-up. (Here's a DIY version, too.) Oh, and be sure to bring the guac along if you wear this to a party!

5) Hawaiian: For this one, your pup can go as a hula dancer, and you can wear a fun Hawaiian dress to match!

What other beach-themed Halloween costumes can you come up with? We can't wait to see what you dress up as this year!


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