Fall Styling Tips from Tidewater

Raise your hand if you're on team "Fall is Still Flip Flop Season"! ✋ 

(You KNOW our hands are in the air!)

Whether you live in a year-round warm climate (jealous!) or are in a place that experiences four seasons, there's most definitely a place for flip flops and sandals as we move from the summer into the fall months.

We've partnered with a few of our favorite Tidewater customers who have shown us their favorite ways to incorporate our shoes into their fall wardrobe. We'd love to hear from YOU, too (as always). Please tag us in photos of you in your Tidewaters to let us know how you wear them this time of year!

Ready for some style inspiration? Take a peek!:

flip flop fall looks

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-Erin, @homewiththeboys
-Kendra, @marebearmom
-Jamie, @smalltownprepblog
-Ady, @verbalgoldblog
-Erin, @homewiththeboys
-Kayla, @kayla_slp
-Kendra, @marebearmom
-Kendra, @marebearmom
-Bethany, @bonita_blooms


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