Blue Coral (Save $9)
Blue Coral (Save $9)
Blue Coral (Save $9)
Blue Coral (Save $9)
Blue Coral (Save $9)

Blue Coral (Save $9)

Regular price $15.00

Do you want to picture serenity? Just think of the calm of a coral reef. Small fish peacefully swimming, sea plants swaying in the current, and bright-blue water lighting the way. That’s the feeling you’ll get every time you slip your feet into the Coral Blue flip-flop sandals. Its blue, tranquil strap and all-black sole is designed to match the feel you get with every step in the extra-cushioned footbed. Plus, they feature incredible arch support, adding the balance and comfort you require to a fantastic pair of flip-flop sandals.

  • Cushioned footbed provides all-day comfort
  • Flexible arch support gives you added balance
  • Lightweight with a molded footbed for wearability

Brushed footbed made of EVA for durability

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews

    I bought my first pair early this year. I now have at least 10 pair. I think the blue corral are my favorite. I recently purchased the pineapples and love the orange color. I have diabetic neuropathy in my feet and Tidewaters are perfect for my feet. They do not rub between my toes.

    Love my tidewaters

    Very comfortable.

    Best Flip Flops on the Planet

    I just discovered Tidewater and I’m so glad I did! Hands down the most comfortable flip flops ever made. I’ve worn many brands known for comfort and quality, and I have to say Tidewater easily surpasses them. The arch support is phenomenal and I spend the day feeling like I’m walking on a cloud. I owned my first pair for a week and then immediately purchased two more pairs. I absolutely love them! Quick, friendly and accommodating, their customer service is fantastic, too! Seriously, what’s not to love?

    My favorite flops!

    I'm a flip-flop gal and these are hands down, the most comfortable brand I have ever worn. Not only are they super comfortable, they are available in a multitude of great patterns!!

    Love them!

    I was feeling sad waiting for the weather to improve here in CT so I decided to cheer myself up and order 2 new pairs of Tidewater flip flops. I fell in love with them in a store in Cape Cod last year and bought 2 pair. I received a ton of compliments on them and loved how comfortable they are. I’m just as thrilled with my new ones that brought the sunshine in. So adorable and true to size. You can wear them all day and no rubbing or chafing between the toes. Treat yourself and enjoy!!


    The best flip flops I have purchased.

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