Our social media posts are getting tons of engagement these days -- YAY!

But...what does that mean for our retail partners like you?

-It means people love this brand. They're responding positively to our styles, and they're coming back to purchase pair after pair, even within the same season.

-It means they know to look for Tidewater. If they see our brand in your store, they'll recognize it and already know they love it.

-It means they are spreading the word about Tidewater. More people than ever know and love this brand.

-It means they're looking for Tidewaters to try on in-person. We get comments regularly from customers asking where they can buy our shoes in their cities.

Our goal is to share this brand with as many people as possible, and we want that to happen through any channel: online AND in retail stores. If you need to add some of our shoes to your current inventory, just email us at pr@tidewatersandals.com OR use the form below to contact us and we'll get you set up!

You can also peruse our 2019 styles in our catalog as well by clicking here.

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