To our valued Tidewater customers, 

We are writing to share an update on Tidewater operations as we all work through COVID-19.Like many of you, we have been on high alert the last few days and weeks as we try to understand these unprecedented events affecting the US and the rest of the world.Tidewater is a small, family-owned business, and we care deeply about our team of employees - Wanda, Bonnie, Melissa, and Giuliana, Mike, Chris, Eric, Micheal, and Margi. We are grounded in doing what is right for them, first and foremost. Those who can are working remotely and have taken precautions in their work environments to remain safe. But, Tidewater is still open for business, and we want to ship orders for as long as you're buying your Tidewaters. 

We've taken the following precautions for our warehouse team members:Each staff member already maintains their own workspace with more than 5 feet of space in each station.We've added additional sanitation materials to each station and have implemented a once-per-hour wipe down break whereby employees will sanitize everything at their work station.Our mobile carts for pulling and packing orders have been outfitted with the same sanitation materials.As per our standard process, we've asked that any employee not feeling well, remain at home. Their well-being is the most important thing for us 365 days a year (366 this year). While we are a family-owned business, our full-time employees receive health insurance and are encouraged to maintain a healthy relationship with their healthcare practitioners throughout the year.We are committed to our employees, online customers, and retail partners during this time. 

We will continue operating at capacity in the online space. If you are a customer who regularly shops with a Tidewater Sandals Retailer and can safely do so, we ask that you continue supporting them during this time. They are one of the huge reasons we can bring you new styles every year. Many of those stores are receiving their spring and summer shipments. Give your favorite store a call and ask them to put aside your styles and sizes if you're unable to make it in person. 

Please take care of yourself and your family. Stay safe and be kind to each other. 

Will ParsleyOwner, Tidewater Sandals & Flip Flops