Tidewater Reviews

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Fun Designs and Excellent Quality

I love all the fun designs! I've already ordered 3 pairs and would order more but, really, how many sandals does a girl need?

Natural Turtle

Best flip flops ever, so comfortable!

Great sandals! Arch support, well designed, comfortable.

I am always wary of flip-flops-little support, flimsy, etc. These are so well made and have both arch support and are sturdy. Excellent for beach or dress-up.

Love them!

Pink Pool Sandals
Love my Tidewaters

No better flip flops on the planet. The most comfortable flip flop I have ever owned. They are like walking on marshmallows and they will quickly form to your feet. A big plus for me is the soft material that goes between your toes. So many other brands are hard and uncomfortable. Buy a pair to match every outfit. A summer must have.

My Tidewaters

I have 4 pair of Tidewater Flipflops! I am a southern woman, where flip flops are a must. I love each pair, my turtles are fun and people love them. They are so comfortable. Love, love my Tidewaters. Keep up the good work?

So comfortable!

I love Tidewater sandals and flip flops because I can always count on them to be super comfortable, whether it’s the first time wearing them or the one hundredth. Amazing quality!


Wore these to an all day beachside market and walked and walked in great comfort! I enjoyed the compliments from my friends too! Great look!

Love these

I am short and want support in my sandals. These are perfect, comfy, pretty. Make them in every color of glitter and iridescent. Glitter in the cork wedges would be great.


Good looking,lightweight and durable

New customer

This company is amazing!! I have ordered 7 different styles of flip flop and each one is beautifully crafted, fits like a glove, and are so cozy. I have called for help and the people who worked with me were so polite and quick to help with everything. This company is top notch and I can’t wait to see next seasons line of shoes! Thank you!!!


Love these! they are comfortable and go with everything!!! my only complaint is that I think I've worn them so much my foot indentation has lessened the cushioning :( OTHERWISE one of my favorites!!!

Best Flip Flops Ever!

I have many pairs of Tidewater flip flops! I have been wearing them for many years.
They are cute, comfortable and sturdy.
I have walked all over Disney and Vegas in them and my feet were not tired.
I love that they can be washed in the washing machine as well.
Great shoes and great price!

Natural Turtle
Love my flip flops

I love the service at Tidewater! Cannot be beat, most comfortable flip flops with great variety in styles and colors!


I love this design. I have gotten so many nice comments on them.


I Love these! As soon as I saw this design I had to order them! My favorite color is pink and they are so pretty.


These flip flops are so cute! The colors and design are nothing like I have ever been able to find before.

Pink Pool Sandals

I have gotten so many comments on these! They are so cute and are great to wear anywhere!

Love my Mint

I Love these! It is hard to find flip flops in mint and as soon as I saw these I had to have them! I can waer them with so many colors.

Very Comfortable

I LOVE my Tidewater flip flops. I have owned at least 4 pairs. The only thing I don't like about them is the black from the bottom of the shoe rubs off on my feet.

Awesome sandals

Got 2 pairs for my wife and she absolutely loves them!

The only Filp flips my daughter will wear!

My daughter was given a pair of Tidewater Flii Flops years ago in a bag of Hand-Me-Downs and she loved them. This year she went to put them on and they were too small! She immediately asked to to figure out where we could get another pair, which I did ! When they arrived they were unfortunately to small. I sent an email to the customer service and they got back to me quickly and had a great and easy resolution to my issue. I will buy these again and again! They last long, are well made and cute! Thanks for being a great company.

Navy Linen Palmetto

Pink palms

Super comfortable! Great designs!

Most comfortable flip flops ever!

I love how these feel! They’re so comfortable, they don’t rub between the toes, and they mold to your foot. I will definitely be buying more!