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Boca Navy

I love my new sandals! They are so comfortable! They are my 2nd pair (I have the Boca Tan, too). Ordering was easy, shipping was quick, and the concern I had was handled quickly, and with wonderful customer service!! I would highly recommend the shoes, and Tidewater, to anyone!!!

My favorite flops!

I'm a flip-flop gal and these are hands down, the most comfortable brand I have ever worn. Not only are they super comfortable, they are available in a multitude of great patterns!!

Harbor Sails
Hooked ⚓️

So cute and love the tan- “less hot than black” style! Cushioned support is fantastic!


The flip flops are the BEST! They have a perfect arch support and work well for folks with problems with their feet - like I have!


Purchased 3 new pairs for the summer. I can’t count how many pairs I have already!!!! Only sandal I wear!! Supports my foot, so comfortable and they last year after year. Plan on buying more soon!!!


Nantucket Navy

Most comfortable nautical sandals

I love anything seashells, flip flops and beachy! I bought my first pair years back on vacation in Myrtle Beach! I have bought 3 pairs since that time! I love your sandals!

4th pair

I am onto my 4th pair of tidewaters. They are my go to sandals. Literally wear them to work and to the beach they are amazing.

Best flips ever!!!

Once again I’ve bought another pair of Tidewater’s to add to the collection and as usual they do not disappoint!!! Can’t wait for the next pair!!

Nautical comfort

Love the comfort and styles of my sandals, going to buy more pairs xxxooo

Always a Perfect Sandle

I love my Tidewater sandles. There are so many styles and colors to choose from I always find the perfect pair. And I can wear them all day because of the great arch support. I always recommend them to my friends.


Nantucket White

Comfortable AND Supportive

I wear these sandals all day everyday because they are comfortable and supportive. The first pair I had for 5 years .... I am looking forward to the next 5 with my new ones!!!
PS. GREAT customer service too!

Love the color!

The sandals are super comfortable!


Glamour Cocktail

Awesome flip flops!

I love every pair of flip flops I buy from Tidewater! I usually go up a size as I am between a 9 & 10. The 9 just fits, the 10 gives a little more room. I will only buy them from Tidewater! The customer service is beyond compare.

Love them!

I was feeling sad waiting for the weather to improve here in CT so I decided to cheer myself up and order 2 new pairs of Tidewater flip flops. I fell in love with them in a store in Cape Cod last year and bought 2 pair. I received a ton of compliments on them and loved how comfortable they are. I’m just as thrilled with my new ones that brought the sunshine in. So adorable and true to size. You can wear them all day and no rubbing or chafing between the toes. Treat yourself and enjoy!!

Love them!

Tidewater sandals are all I wear in the spring and summer! They are the most comfortable and supportive sandal. I have so many pairs I have a 3 shelves just of them. The wedges I bought last summer and I just started wearing them again today because it’s finally warm. Absolutely love my Tidewater’s!!!!

My favorite

I love these flip flops. Very comfortable. I ordered these on 4-17-18 then received an email stating I was the 17th order of the day and happy tax day my money would be refunded to my card but it never showed up. So I guess that was a LIE.


The best flip flops I have purchased.


These flip flops are great ! I live in Florida and these are perfect for my casual time ... Cute styles,thick bottoms and an actual arch support which is unheard of in most shoes of this style! Love the occasional free shipping!


Glamour Cocktail

Love them

Would wear them everyday if I could

My Tidewaters

Since discovering your flip flops, I have fallen in love with the style and comfort they provide. I have shared them with my family and they all agree that they are the best out there! I have purchased at least 14 pairs that I recall, and will continue. Unless I have to put on other shoes, your flip flops are all I ever wear....good thing I live in FLA!

Love my Tidewaters

I love the fit and the carefree designs! People comment on their "cuteness" factor all the time!

Black Buoy
My go to flip flops !!

I bought my first Tidewater's many years ago while visiting Charleston! They were the perfect fit with just the right amount of arch support.
I love the variety of patterns they come in!!

Great flip flops!

These are so comfortable and stylish too!

Love my wedges

Love my Tidewater sandals! They are comfortable - fit well and great to walk in all day! I have 4 pair :)


Beach Chair


Black Buoy


I purchased my first pair many years ago at the Baltimore inner harbor,I was hooked.My fourteen year old granddaughter also loves them.

Ann, have you seen the Maryland Crab design? Hint, probably need them!
Love my sandals!!

I have 3 pairs of flip flop sandals to match different out fits! They are super comfortable!

Just 3, Sue? I sure hope you're adding some of the 2018 styles to your collection.
Better than barefoot

Love my Tidewater flip flops. They fit well and have great arch support. They are true to size. Buy a pair and try them. They are great

Thank you so much, Sandi!
Best Flip Flops Ever!!

My granddaughter has worn Tidewater Flip Flops since she was 3 years old and will not wear any other brand!! Today was Flip Flop Day at school and she wore her Tidewaters!! I own 3 pairs of my own and they are by far the most comfortable Flip Flop I've ever worn! I grew up in Florida and have worn many different brands. Tidewaters are by far the best!! Love our Tidewaters! Please bring back the little girls turtle pattern?? My granddaughter misses her turtles!! ❤️

Marie, you are a star. Thank you for your kind review. I've passed your note about the turtles along to product development team.
Love my Tidewaters!

Have bought several pairs of Tidewaters Flip Flops and also the wedge sandals and love them all! They actually have arch supports and are extra light weight. They are my go to shoes for summer!

Awesome Sandals :-)

I've been purchasing Tidewater Sandals for over 10 years. I have a very high arch and these sandals accommodate this issue. Also, the designs are just fun....just like summer!

Flip flops

Love the styles

Seahorse and Crab Flip flops

Bought both the seahorse and crab flip flops and love them! So comfortable and great price. I will only get my flip flops through Tidewater from now on!!

Awesome Flip Flops

I have been buying Tidewater Sandals for years....all flip flops. I live in flip flops for about 6 mos a year and these LAST! They offer great designs in great colors.

I can't get enough of them!


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE TIDEWATERS!! Their designs are so unique! If you want casual chic, or whimsical designs, Tidewaters has them all! In addition, the comfort is outstanding! Flat-as-a- pancake shoes hurt your feet, but Tidewaters aren't flat; they are specifically designed to take of your feet! I've never had such comfortable flip flops/sandals until I found Tidewaters! Finally, my feet don't hurt! Their colors are vividly beautiful, and the ones w/gold metallic are very classy & chic. You can never have too many pairs of Tidewaters!! :)

Love My Flip Flops

These flip flops are very well made and comfortable. Plan on buying several more!

Ladies sizes

Very disappointed that on line, I can not find a ladies size 5, but have purchased size 5 in Rhode Island several times.
Children sizes do not have the same arch support

Charlene, we're so bummed to hear this. We've sent a note to our product development team with your feedback.
Best flips around!!!

These are the Cadillac if flip flops... so comfortable... nice arch and last for years. Just took all mine out for the summer. Have most of the styles but there’s always a reason for a new pair!!

Comfy & Cute!

It's embarrassing how many of these flip flops I own now! I just love all of the patterns, and they feel so good on my feet. Please keep coming up with new ones!

You are amazing, Kim! Thank you!
So comfortable

I wear these things everywhere - in the garden, by the pool, on the beach, to the store or just around the house. They are the most comfortable pair of flip flops I've ever owned.