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Walking on Sunshine

I love my Tidewaters so much! They are like walking on pillows and the selection is outstanding. So many cute and stylish pairs to choose from with such great prices. Tidewater is now on my list for gift shopping all year long!

                                             - Meg

Best On-The-Go Flip Flop

I wear them from early spring, to late fall, until the snow falls! They are the most comfortable flip-flops to wear. I can wear them all day, shopping and walking around for exercise and my feet NEVER hurt at all. If you want comfort & great designs, buy these Flip-Flops!

                                        - Leahlou

Comfortable Bed for my Feet

I love my new Tidewaters. Having MS waking can sometimes be difficult. Tidewater flip flops cushion my feet and give me added stability. Not to mention the great patterns they come in and also how fairly they’re priced.

                                              - M.S.