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Walking on Sunshine

I love my Tidewaters so much! They are like walking on pillows and the selection is outstanding. So many cute and stylish pairs to choose from with such great prices. Tidewater is now on my list for gift shopping all year long!

                                             - Meg

Best On-The-Go Flip Flop

I wear them from early spring, to late fall, until the snow falls! They are the most comfortable flip-flops to wear. I can wear them all day, shopping and walking around for exercise and my feet NEVER hurt at all. If you want comfort & great designs, buy these Flip-Flops!

                                        - Leahlou

Comfortable Bed for my Feet

I love my new Tidewaters. Having MS waking can sometimes be difficult. Tidewater flip flops cushion my feet and give me added stability. Not to mention the great patterns they come in and also how fairly they’re priced.

                                              - M.S.

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Plaid Palmetto - pink

A Flip flop for everyone

I wear tidewater all summer long. I wear them to work and play. I’ve worn them to Disney- which seems insane to wear flip flops but years of Disney trips with every kind of shoe- tidewater wins!

Best flip flops

Besides the comfort, there’s so many cool patterns to choose from, so I chose too many.

Tidewater junkie

To say I love them is an understatement! They are my addiction!! Will never buy any other flip-flops ever!! This company and the people who work here are pretty special too!!!


These flip flops fit perfectly in size 6. I wear a 6-1/2 in Skechers. I love, love the purple shells design.

Nice wedge

Comfortable flip flops and the wedge is perfect. Tidewater makes a great product.

You'll live in these!

I could never waer flip flops because of the uncomfortable strap between the toes. Well, Tidewater has fixed that problem. I have many pairs of these fun-fabulous sandals. No breaking in necessary and lots of fun prints. I live at the Jersey shore and I wear my Tidewaters from April through October. They even have slight arch support. You will not be disappointed.

Best Flip Flops

I have several pair. They are very comfortable and love that there is a large variety of styles to choose from.


Love the!!! Most comfortable sandels ever?

Flip flops

Absolutely love my flip flops!!

Good quality and very comfortable.

Walking on a cloud

Most comfortable flip flops. I love all the designs. Thank you for keeping it fun !

Waiting for warmer weather!

I love my new flip flops form Tidewater. These are my go to summer shoes! These shoes are well made and come in loads of fun patterns. I am glad to see the new dog pattern! Now I just need the warner weather!

Love them!

I love my Tidewater sandals and can't wait to wear them to the beach & pool this summer


Love the new dogs! Adding to my collection. And as usual, oh so comfortable.

Natural Turtle
Like walking on pillows!

Found them to be so comfortable and cute that I ordered a pair for my daughter and another for myself!

Love my sandals. They are very comfortable

Maryland Crabs

I bought these for gifts.

Love the Turtles

Very well made but a little wide for my feet.

South Carolina to Southern California

I purchased 3 pairs of these gorgeous flip flops. A pair for my sister ( puffins) one for each of her daughters ( sloth and turtle)
They love them!!
I live in Ct and my poor feet are dying to escape from my winter boots and pop on some great flip flops! So, I will be browsing for a great pair that will make my winter toes happy!

Comfortable sandlas

I must have about 10 pair of Tidewater sandals by now. They have thick bottoms which make them comfortable to walk on, and also with some arch support. They come in a lot of cute and different designs which make them fun and summery.


I love my tidewater flip flops there are so comfortable


Sorry, pushed wrong button... definitely a 5 star product and a 5 star . company.. when I buy I get 7 flip flops at a time so my daughters and granddaughters enjoy too!! Would like to see American flags on your next new preview❤️

Best flip flops I have owned!

I love my Tidewater sandals. I order a new pair each year to build up my selection. The designs are so cute this year, I am ordering 2 pair! I wear a size 7 1/2, and the size 8 fit perfectly. Very comfortable.


Best best flip flops ever! I’ve tried several different styles and none are as comfy or last as long!