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Keeping Your Tidewaters Looking Their Best

Here's a good problem for you. Two, in fact!: Tidewaters tend to last people a very long time AND Tidewater owners tend to wear their favorite flip flops quite often. That makes for comfortable feet...but sometimes means your flip flops or sandals will need to be freshened up to keep them looking as good as they did they day you first slipped your feet into them.

While we have customers who swear by putting their Tidewaters in the washing machine on a gentle cycle and then letting them air dry, we’ll let you decide if that approach is one you’d like to try!

Here are some cleaning tips we can stand behind for our shoes:

  • Use a dry brush or dry cloth to gently remove any excess dirt (or, in our case, SAND!).
  • Spot treat any fabric stains on your Tidewaters using a gentle stain remover and then hand wash your shoes in the sink with dish soap and warm water.
  • Always allow your Tidewaters to dry indoors at room temperature to keep their shape intact.


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